Sam Byram

Professional Footballer, Norwich City Fc

“Training every day as well as having matches over the weekend and sometimes mid week, I was finding it difficult to know what to eat and when.

Charlie has really helped me with my nutrition when it comes to what I should be eating before and after both training and games to match my energy output and also best aid my recovery in between. 

He also gave me lots of information/meal plan on what to eat during my time off with a serious knee injury. I really believe this helped aid my recovery and the healing of my knee as well as keeping me in the best shape possible whilst I was unable to train.” 

Jude Bellingham

Professional Footballer Borussia Dortmund FC
“Charlie took the time to speak to me individually about what food I like and what food I should be eating in order to match the targets we set based off my weight, body fat etc. This has helped me to stay in the best physical condition possible so I am able to maintain my performance level both in training and in games.”

Jonny Beharrell

Middle Distance Runner

“ Charlie helped me with my performance nutrition in the build up to my outdoor season. He is very knowledgeable and gave me an insight into how to maximise my performance levels by fuelling correctly. I cannot wait to see the improvements over the summer, a big thank you for your help Charlie!”

Jonathan Greening

Ex Premier League Player

“Unbelievable work ethic in his love and passion for performance and nutrition. Enthusiastic in his work, very knowledgeable and wants to always keep on learning and improving. Gets the best out of people. Has helped me with advice for myself on numerous occasions.”

Connie Schofield

England Women’ s u21 International

“I have really benefited from working with Charlie on my nutrition. We discussed my current diet on a 1 to 1 level which he then assessed and provided me with personal targets to help improve my daily nutritional intake. He also gave me training and rest day example food diaries which were specifically tailored to my dietary requirements. He made the nutrition topic exciting and accessible for me and I feel his impact on my nutrtion has definitely helped my on pitch performance.”

Damon Coulson



Playing 4 day golf events at high level and not knowing much about nutrition  became difficult to keep to a meal plan that kept performance and energy levels high!

Using Charlie to put together Meal plans has been fantastic, Great advice and knowledge  about what to eat and when to eat it has been game changing.

Charlies been easy to communicate with and very helpful, I would highly recommend his help!

Richard Cresswell

Ex Premier League Player

“I have known Charlie for several years. I found him to be hardworking, totally task focussed and a consummate professional . Charlie has a great understanding of performance and Nutrition, always wanting to learn more and it is no surprise to me that he is creating a company in which he can help people achieve their goals.”

Elliot Woolmer

1st Team Physical Conditioning Coach (Birmingham City FC)

“Charlie’s knowledge is second to none when it comes to performance nutrition.

Having worked with Charlie for over a year now, his ability to work with and educate both athletes and staff is fantastic.

He has a great range of meal plans and tips to help individuals reach their specific goals.

I would highly recommend Charlie as a performance nutritionist.”

Jake Clarke-Salter

Professional Footballer, Chelsea FC

“Thanks for helping me out with my nutrition and all the advice you have given me.

It’s made a huge difference to me since following your advice. I can feel the difference on a daily basis and you have given me a greater understanding of the foods and products that I eat and how it affects my body and performance.”